I tried to break up a fight and then realized it was part of the show. ha!

Jared mcLean

It’s about the beat and the freaks you meet.

Where DJ’s spin stories and you are the show.

This visual, interactive, EDM experience will blow your mind.

Last year Sexton Blake (aka Nadine Tremblay) and Sonicanimation (Rupert Keiller and Tremblay) combined their respective musical interests to create what they call an iTronica (interactive electronica) show. The show, ‘Electro Social Club,’ follows the story of the stereotypical nightclub freaks you know so well: the Pick-up Artist, the Dance Fluffer, the Forever Raver to name a few. While “Scenes break out” among you on the dance floor (cause that is the only place to experience this show) you might not know it’s drama without a glance up to the big screen where the scene will play out on camera. Question is, how will you know it’s not real? The action could be right next to you, or across the room, coming out of nowhere. Maybe you’ll be part of the scene or dragged into the improv.

The music is a variety of electro-dance tracks including breakbeat, dubstep, hip hop, Trap, 80’s pop, opera and more.

The ESC project is an Iron Mountain Theatre production (Ski Bum: The Musical, White Star Lady, Mennonite Mafia and Company Jump) co-written by Mark Pollard and Nadine Tremblay with music production and mixing by Night Bandit . Keiller and Tremblay are the creators, original music writers and singers/narrators of Electro-Social Club. Originally an experimental music venture, ESC and its debut was a huge success. Touring BC this March the show casts the actors everywhere it goes while the creative team (Zeb Hansell and Rob Sulman) direct the actors and set up the cameras, mics, lazers, screens, decks and more.

A HUGE Thank you to our Show Sponsors whom without their support, these shows would not be possible – CBTTeck LtdNDCUIMT