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Calling all nightclub dramatic types. If you like to be the center of attention and enjoy electronic dance music then Electro-Social Club (ESC) invites you to apply to perform in for an innovative, weird and unusual experiment. ESC is what you get when an electronic music producer and a musical theatre nerd collaborate. Sounds like a joke but it is in fact the product of a seriously fun live DJ act where the audience becomes part of the performance.

Actors are needed to play the various nightclub characters/freaks of Electro Social Club in short 1-2 minute talking scenes followed by physically being the characters by improvising throughout a song.  Actors are filmed live in the venue and projected onto the screen during the show. It is up to you how little and how much your character takes on before or after “your” song. There are optional dancing sections. Entire show is 75 minutes and begins around 11 PM. 11 roles available- 6 male, 4 female, 1 could be either male or female including:

1. The Pick-up Artist: Male aged 20-50. Confidant and obnoxious, cool and a bit slimy. Studies The Game.
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2. The Dance Fluffer:  Female. Any age. An exhibitionist who loves to dance in a unique way. This character is required to wrangle the crowd onto the dance floor for the entire evening.
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3. The Bouncer: An imposing male character aged 20-40. He is not about violence; he is really smart and diffuses situations with his words. Actually takes tickets with real bouncer at start of night.
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4. The Fighting Couple: One male and one female aged 20-60. They decide to argue when they don’t have anything else to talk about. They have been together a while.
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5. The Drinkers: Construction worker (male) and office worker (female). They are 25-40 years old and look like stereotypes. They are still dressed in their work wear and coming straight from work. They get seriously drunk.
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6. Forever Raver: He’s older (50+) dressed in fluro and tie-die…LOVES raves…always has…always will.
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7. The First-timers: Two gals ages 25+….They don’t get out much anymore because they have been busy being moms.
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8. The Connoisseur: He likes hugs and water. Male…20 years +….  a skinny dude, looks like a candy raver. He knows everything.
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Go to our Show Page for dates, times and  locations of a show near you Deadline for casting is a month before each performance


Actors are expected:

  • To memorize their lines by rehearsal (day of show), put thought into improvisation sections and prepare some costuming.
  • Attend rehearsal with director at the venue the afternoon of the show. Bring your costume for dress run-through. Minimum 2-4 hours.
  • Optional group country dance choreo (1min. long) learned online on our Youtube Page
  • Optional improv Dance Circle solo (need you to have some crazy or weird dance move -20 seconds)

No experience necessary but it is an asset. You will be coached and directed throughout the whole process. Once cast in a role, the script is distributed asap and from there it is your commitment to have your lines memorized by rehearsal (the day of show). Select props and assistance with wardrobe selection will be provided but no full costumes. This is an honorarium position guaranteed to be fun and creative. No minors please.


You apply below – we chat – we let you know if you are cast – we send you a password protected link with script details, music, and all the details to let you know how it is going to work – you show up at rehearsal the day of the show with lines memorized – we perform the show that night – we pay you – everyone’s stoked cause it was so fun. GO FOR IT! APPLY NOW!

Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Sanford Meisner

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